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Leannunia is an upcoming animated webseries created by Vell "Velltoons" and Callayl Animation! This page is owned by Vell.

As of now, the series is still being written, and this Wiki page will be used to share info about the series and sneak-peeks to anyone interested in following or working on the project. Leannunia episodes will be posted on a weekly basis to YouTube and Vlare! However, since we plan to upload on a regular schedule, this series sadly will not make it's way to the surface of the internet for a long while. We still need more voice actors, funding, animators, etc.

Though for now, until we are able to start funding the progress of our series, find more voice actors, and find someone willing to animate, you can keep track of this wiki for sneak peeks, plan to donate so we can make Leannunia a real thing on the internet, or contact me (Vell) and offer to help work on the series!

DISCLAIMER: This series has a good amount of potential Trigger Warnings! Please be sure to read the list before following our series or signing up to help us out.

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The Official Leannunia Discord will be linked once production begins on the episodes!

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